equipped with original classical apparatus

Welcome to Pilates Power House Helsinki!
Our studio is located in Paloheinä, Helsinki (Paloheinäntie 22).

You can reach us by bus 63 from Kamppi and 67 from Railway station.
There is also parking space outside the building. You’ll find the entrance behind the building.

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Start Pilates practice by booking private classes or duet classes for two. It is recommended to start with 3-5 private classes before continuing to our group classes. All classes follow the original fitness system created by Joseph Pilates and getting familiar with the routine is necessary before joining a group.

Have a look at our cancellation policy in the end of this page.


PILATES (full studio with apparatus) IN SMALL GROUP

PILATES beginner course
5 x 195 €
(Course is taught in Finnish only)

Drop in 45 €
5 x card 190 €
10 x card 325 €


Private classes for 1 person
1 class 98 €
3 classes 270 €
5 classes 425 €
10 classes 820 €

Duets – private classes for 2 ppl
1 class/person 75 €
3 classes/person 220 €
5 classes/person 350 €
10 classes/person 680 €

All regular prized ticket sets are valid for 5 months. Single drop-in tickets are valid for 1 month.


PILATES (full studio with apparatus)

In our PILATES classes you’ll train with classical Pilates apparatus by Gratz Pilates and Balanced Body Contrology line (incl. the Reformer, Chairs, Cadillac, Mat & Spine Corrector, etc.). The emphasis in these classes will be the Reformer and Mat, and the classes follow the classical exercise repertoire. Practice is done in small groups of max. 6 people.

Please note: class called PILATES is an intermediate/advanced practice, where practitioners use all the apparatus in the studio and work independently with their own programme. Introductory private lessons are required before joining a group.


Book a private class or duet for two people when you want to start your Pilates practice, or if you want to take your training to the next level with precise and personal guidance. Private classes are also recommended after any orthopedic operation or after giving birth. Private classes are also available small groups. Inquiries via email.


Please contact us via email before booking your first class!

Use our web shop to purchase tickets and book a class via our digital calendar. First, you need to create a personal account and must have valid tickets purchased on your account prior to booking a class. These services are currently available only in Finnish.


All classes are confirmed 24 hours in advance. We warmly recommend prior registration to all classes to ensure their realization. Minimum participation depending on class is 3-4 people. Please book your class via the online calendar or contact us via email.

We have a strict 24 hour cancellation policy. When necessary, you need to cancel your booking through the online booking system. We cannot ensure cancellations via phone or email. All registered classes that are not cancelled on time are charged from the client’s account, with the exception of medical certificate. In case the client has a booking but does not show up, the studio is entitled to invoice the drop-in price of that class.

All classes need to be cancelled 24 hours prior to the class. In case the classes are cancelled by the studio due to too few participants, same guidelines are followed.

Balance. Strength. Length. Mobility.

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